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Established in 1971 and incorporated in 15th August 2013, FJDP is a not-for-profit, non-governmental organization that adopts rights-based approach to programming with a view to promoting and protecting in totality, the rights and dignity of persons especially those with extreme vulnerabilities. The organization has strong network of presence and a premium reputation for intervening in hard-to-reach communities with preferential option for the poor and extremely vulnerable.

FJDP has partnered with local and international agencies to implement projects; including UNHCR (2015-16 and 2018- date), UNDP (2018-2021), Search for Common Ground (2021-date), Irish Aid (2021- date), Swisshand (2011-date), GCERF (2016-2021), Misereor (2007-date), TrustAfrica (2017-2018), CAFOD (2016-2017), USAID SCALE (2021-date), (Associazione Centro Missionario, Daniele Comboni Riccione – Onlus, Italy 2021-date), (The Mother of Mercy Charitable Foundation, Italia – 2022 to date), (CCFN from inception till date), (Peter Yellowvich and Vivian of Our Lady of Sorrows Parish, Toronto, Cannada – 2022-date), Parishes and Individuals. These partnerships have strengthened the organization’s internal systems and governance and brought the procurement processes, financial management systems, results-based programme management approach, evidence-based monitoring and evaluation systems to global standard. Currently, FJDP has a procurement prequalification status with UNHCR and has migrated to software-based accounting system. The organizational systems are highly accountable and have minimal risk of fraud. FJDP portends near-to-zero financial, operational and reputational risks to any organization currently partnering with us and the potential partners.

Since 2018, FJDP have been delivering protection and assistance to Cameroonian Refugees in Benue and Akwa Ibom states of Nigeria, delivery of educational assistance to Cameroonian refugees in Benue state, delivery of protection and assistance to IDP in Benue state, provision of food security to Refugees in Benue state and provision of Logistics and Warehouse Management services in Benue, Cross River and Akwa Ibom states. The organization has previously delivered health assistance to Cameroonian Refugees in Benue state; and provision of shelter and infrastructure in Benue state. FJDP staff have received training from UNHCR and other international agencies like IOM, UNDP, UNDSS, adequately understand guiding Standards of Practice (SOP), protocols and frameworks related to delivery of multidimensional interventions. FJDP have a strong comparative advantage based on her existing capacity, strong internal control and institutional governance, credibility and acceptability, strong networks of presence and linkages with local actors as well as ability to diversify funding sources for delivery of multidimensional interventions to Refugees and IDPs in Nigeria.




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Welcome to FJDP

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Welcome to FJDP


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